PortosRio is affiliated with the IALA - International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities

At a meeting held from December 12 to 16, the IALA Council (INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARINE AIDS TO NAVIGATION AND LIGHTHOUSE AUTHORITIES) ratified the approval of the entry of PortosRio Port Authority into the associate member category. The process of adhering was initiated in September, when the company, which manages the Ports of Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, Itaguaí and Angra dos Reis, had already been provisionally accepted by the entity.  

PortosRio's interest in joining the association was due to the projects under development in the Ports of Rio de Janeiro/Niterói and Itaguaí, in particular the implementation of VTMIS (English acronym for Vessel Traffic Management and Information System), whose first stage – activation of Local Port Services (LPS) is ongoing and should be completed in the 1st quarter of 2023. PortosRio's VTMIS manager, Marcelo Villas-Bôas, stressed that "participation in IALA is important for the adoption of best practices related to navigation aids and, therefore, to the success of the project in the Rio de Janeiro port complex”.

IALA has a section dedicated to training, training and certification of personnel who work in activities related to navigation aids in general, including VTS (English acronym for Vessel Traffic Services). In addition, Villas Bôas highlighted the IALA committees, which are a global authority in the field of navigation, through specialists from different countries: “As an associate member, we will be able to participate in the program of the IALA committees, which develop a work that serves as a source of technical knowledge within the scope of Navigation Aids. These committees develop and review technical guidance documents for which the IALA is world-renowned”.

VTMIS – The electronic navigation aid system monitors waterway traffic with the aim of raising the levels of safety in navigation and human life at sea and protection of the environment in areas where there is intense movement of vessels. In addition to reducing the risk of incidents in port operations, VTMIS seeks greater efficiency in cargo handling, optimization of resources and infrastructure and the organization of waterway traffic in the port area, access channels and anchorages.

About IALA  – The non-profit international technical association was founded in 1957 and brings together maritime authorities, manufacturers, consultants, scientific and training institutes from all over the world, offering the opportunity to exchange and share experiences and achievements. The entity's objective is to promote the safe, economical and efficient movement of vessels, through the improvement and harmonization of navigation aids around the world, for the benefit of the maritime community and the protection of the environment.

The association is directly involved in the development of modern navigator support and maritime traffic control systems and is also dedicated to the application of new technologies. The 20th IALA International Conference will be held in Rio de Janeiro, from May 27 to June 3, 2023, and will have as its theme “Maritime Aids to Navigation – Innovations for a Sustainable Future”.