A Word from our CEO

CDRJ maintains productivity and efficiency during the pandemic with the dedication and commitment of employees

Presidente Laranjeira
Dear employees and other collaborators,
We are facing a period of uncertainty and tension across society. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has become the center of attention in recent months as a public health emergency, could generate an unprecedented socioeconomic crisis. In addition, it changed according to our routines and we challenge ourselves every day, both in our personal and professional lives.
It is noteworthy that, even with the pandemic and the partial adoption of telework since the end of March as a way to mitigate the risk of contamination and maintain our human capital, a CDRJ continues to respond to internal and external demands without prejudice to quality and efficiency of services.
It is important for us to recognize a company in our port activity, which cannot stop because it provides an essential service to supply cities, ensuring that the population does not lack anything. However, it is essential to value the commitment of each employee to their work, on which this gear depends.
Therefore, I want to congratulate each one of the employees, interns, young apprentices and outsourced employees of our dear CDRJ for not shirking their responsibilities and revealing the best of themselves, the required work times.
I especially want to thank all the employees who are on the front lines of the four ports like true soldiers on a mission. We know that, in a joint effort, the teams in the operational areas have managed to keep the ports functioning within normal productivity and safety standards.
I would also like to thank the employees in the sectors that are taking turns and in the home office, for working with such dedication, even from a distance. We know that, for many, remote work is a novelty that requires effort to adapt and no one hesitated to learn, adapt their homes and reinvent themselves to continue their activities.
I also highlight the tireless work of outsourced professionals, who, aware of the importance of their tasks for the smooth running of all sectors, made the necessary adaptations as requested, including the cleaning staff, who redoubled their care with the sanitation of port facilities and environments Administrative of the company.
I am proud of this time dedicated and committed to achieving good results for our company. We will remain firm and united, focusing on offering as much as we can in our actions. In this way, we reinforce the current that will lead us to overcome this challenge and generate new growth opportunities.
Thank you!


Francisco Antonio de Magalhães Laranjeira
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