About Us

The PortosRio is the Port Authority of Rio de Janeiro, responsible for the management of public ports in the state of Rio de Janeiro, which comprises the ports of Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí, Niterói and Angra dos Reis..
The ports of Rio de Janeiro have strategic importance as a governmental agent, provider of port infrastructure, contributing to the promotion and development of foreign trade in the state and the country.


Our Leadership

Some events in 2020
  • Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Union of State Port Operators (SINDOPERJ) to regularize the CAE;
  • Advancement in studies to receive 366m ships and implementation of dynamic draft at the Port of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Advancement in Customs at the Public Wharf;
  • Authorization to receive New Panamax ships measuring 367 meters at the Port of Itaguaí;
  • Implementation of modern nautical signaling in the Cotunduba Channel, which will allow night navigation through the channel;
  • Vaccination campaign;
  • Humanitarian action with distribution of food baskets;
  • Reactivation of the Port of Itaguaí connection channel;
  • Qualification in the REPORTO Program;
  • Implementation of computerized control of land access;
  • Implementation of a Local Port Service (LPS) at the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, which will be completed shortly,
  • configuring the first phase of VTMIS;
  • 7.2% growth in the first half;
  • Improvement in ANTAQ's environmental performance ranking;
  • Improved financial management with a profit of nearly R$1 billion in 2019;
  • Urban project of public art “Rua Walls”
  • Partnership with the Brazilian Navy to disinfect the ports of Rio de Janeiro and Itaguaí;
  • Consolidation of the Port of Itaguaí as the public port that moves the most iron ore, according to the bulletin
  • the second quarter, prepared by the National Waterway Transport Agency (ANTAQ);
  • The Sepetiba Tecon Terminal now offers the best draft conditions on the East Coast of South America;
  • Participation in the Southeast Export and Brasil Export event
  • Participation in the National Foreign Trade Meeting (ENAEX);
  • Hosted Nuclear Physical Safety Exercise in Porto (ESFPORTO);
  • Awarded with the Portos + Brasil Award, from the Ministry of Infrastructure, in the 'Ebitda Margin Variation' category;
  • Collection of R$ 1.2 million in the auction of property assets;
  • Historic record in the revenue of the Port of Niterói;
  • Equation of liabilities with the National Treasury regarding the securitization of lease contracts;
  • Elimination of overdue short-term liabilities, with maintenance of cash balance.