1. Register company for the supply of fuel oil/lubricant by pumping
  2. Register company for Ship Waste Removal
  3. Certify Port Operator
  4. Obtain authorization to carry out onboard consumption
  5. Obtain authorization for the handling of hazardous cargo at Porto sem Papel
  6. Provide press assistance 22
  7. Schedule rail access to the Port of Rio de Janeiro.
  8. Schedule Weighing Service at the Port of Rio de Janeiro
  9. Schedule ships to dock and undock at the Port of Angra dos Reis (PA)
  10. Registering External Correspondences in the Electronic Information System (SEI! - External user)
  11. Request authorization for diving activities, including anchorage areas, at the Organized Ports of the State of Rio de Janeiro
  12. Request authorization for vessel repairs
  13. Request registration and access permission for companies, people and vehicles to the ports managed by the CDRJ. (SGAD)
  14. Request LGPD demands at Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (LGPD)
  15. Request manifestation of ombudsman
  16. Request Waterway Access Request for ports managed by CDRJ (PA)
  17. Request access to information (SIC)
  18. Request simplification request
  19. Request vessel maneuvering schedule at the Ports of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói
  20. Request removal of vessel waste


Service Chart - Content provided for in Decree No. 9.904/2017. This document presents information about the services provided by CDRJ.


 Satisfaction Survey -Content provided for in brazilian Law  13.460/2017. 

The survey can be accessed by directing the phone's camera on the QR Code scan or by clicking on the link: (in portuguese language)


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