Docas do Rio seeks interested parties to implant a maritime diesel supply terminal on Braço Forte Island

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The Docks Company of Rio de Janeiro published, on Wednesday (10), in the Official Gazette of the Union and on the company's website, the Public Call Notice 01/2021, with the objective of identifying interested parties to present projects for the implementation of a storage and supply terminal for maritime diesel on Braço Forte Island, in Guanabara Bay.

The studies to be presented, by individuals or companies, should not have any onus, charges or conditions to the company and the Public Administration, and will be used as a basis for the future bidding procedure, speeding it up. Should the interested party wish to visit the island, they must provide their own means of transportation and Docas do Rio will indicate a representative to accompany the visit, on a pre-scheduled day and time.

The period for interested parties to manifest themselves will be 30 days, counting from the date of publication of the call, and after the closing of the period, Docas do Rio will publish, within five working days, on its site, information about the number of companies that have manifested themselves, without disclosing the names of the people and/or companies.

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The interested parties should manifest themselves by email to the Business Development Management, through the email The images of the area can be verified on the Docks of Rio website, in the "public call" tab. To clarify doubts and obtain complementary information, contact the sector manager, Eduardo Miguez, by telephone: (21) 2253-1985 or (21) 99127-5188.

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