Port of Rio de Janeiro performs simulated emergency exercise

The Rio de Janeiro Docks Company (CDRJ) carried out, last Friday morning (12), a simulated exercise of five hypothetical scenarios, present in the Emergency Control Plan (PCE) of the Port of Rio de Janeiro. The objective was to evaluate the communication flow and the actions of the involved actors, aiming to optimize the emergency response time, as foreseen in the PCE.

The hypothetical emergency care scenarios involved: accident with victim rescue, fire in the Main Substation (SEP) nº 17/18, evacuation of the administrative building of the Labor Management Agency (OGMO), in Warehouse 18, and victim rescue accident with work at height (NR 35 – Work at height), with support from OGMO and the Fire Brigade of Docas do Rio.

The simulation also included approaching suspected cases on the public wharf, carried out by the Superintendence of the Port Guard (SUPGUA), represented by the Group of Extraordinary Actions (GAEX) and the Port Security Command and Control Center (CCCSP).

During the simulation, the interaction of the Superintendence of Business Sustainability (SUPSUN) and their respective QHSE Risk Management (GERIQS) and Social and Environmental Responsibility (GERSAM) was exercised; the Superintendence of Port Management of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói (SUPRIO) and its Operations Inspection Management (GERFOP) and Land Access Management (GERATE); the Engineering Superintendence (SUPENG) and its Port and Building Maintenance Management (GERMAP), in addition to interactions with SUPGUA and OGMO.