Docas do Rio presents investment opportunities in ports during Expo 2020 Dubai

Areas available for leasing, reversal of losses, advances in governance and transparency of results were highlighted in the presentations by the heads of six Port Authorities that make up the International Mission of Brazil Export at Expo 2020 Dubai. The lectures were held at the meeting “Investment Opportunities in Brazilian Ports”, promoted by the forum in partnership with DP World, last Sunday (14).

During the meeting, the Director of Business and Sustainability at Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ), Jean Paulo Castro e Silva, presented the development potential of the Ports of Itaguaí, Rio de Janeiro, Niterói and Angra dos Reis, and celebrated the adjustment in the company's management, which now results in profits for the public coffers. “In 2020, the ports of Docas do Rio were the second largest complex in cargo handling, among Brazilian public ports. The ports of Rio de Janeiro and Itaguaí alone handled a total of 54.5 million tons and 21.5 billion dollars”, he highlighted.

In his explanation of the rentable areas in the Port of Rio de Janeiro, director Jean Paulo highlighted the 'brownfield' projects of two liquid bulk terminals and an offshore support terminal, whose leases are being studied by the National Secretariat for Ports and Waterway Transport the Ministry of Infrastructure (SNPTA/MInfra), and the 'greenfield' project for a liquid bulk terminal on Ilha da Pombeba, with ongoing studies. As for the rentable areas at the Port of Itaguaí, the director highlighted the 'brownfield' project for a solid bulk terminal, whose leasing model is being reviewed by SNPTA/MInfra, and the 'greenfield' projects for a liquid bulk terminal and a solid bulk terminal, with studies in progress.

Director Jean Paulo also mentioned that “with the expected arrival of Route 4B, connecting the Santos Basin to the Port of Itaguaí, there is great potential to leverage the port-industry and that the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro intends to develop a hub on site, with the project for the flow of natural gas from the pre-salt”. Finally, the director spoke about the main investments made by the current management to improve the infrastructure for access to ports, in road, rail and waterways, in order to attract more cargo, expand operational efficiency, increase competitiveness and increase you prescribe.

The entourage of the Brazil Export Forum at the International Mission to Dubai is made up of 60 professionals, executives and authorities, and is connected to the delegation of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) in an extensive and diversified technical program at Expo 2020, in order to network , get to know business and technology centers and promote sessions with economic agents. All activities aim to enrich the knowledge and experience of the members of the International Mission, which continues until the 19th. This week, participants will visit the Port of Jebel Ali and the DP World terminal.

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