CDRJ changes institutional communication in the electoral period


Due to the 2022 elections, the communication and dissemination channels of Companhia Docas do Rio de Janeiro (CDRJ) will be adjusted during the period that begins three months before the election (i.e., July 2) and runs until October 30, if there is a second round. The measure follows guidance from the Special Secretariat for Social Communication, of the Ministry of Communications, and is based on Law No. 9,504, of September 30, 1997, known as the Elections Law.

During this period, CDRJ's communication channels will have their content temporarily suspended, so that content that can be characterized as institutional advertising is not published or maintained, which is prohibited during the electoral closed period.

Based on the regulations, institutional communication channels must prioritize the public interest, be informative and newsworthy, obey the principle of impersonality and meet criteria of public utility or service provision to citizens.

The two official CDRJ social networks (Twitter and Instagram) will also be temporarily suspended. They will be deactivated during the period of restrictions and, after the elections, they will return with the restoration of the contents.

Thank you for your understanding